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Newsletter February 2018                          

Curry Night                      

Antonio and Gregory would like to thank everyone who helped to make this night a success. All of those who helped set up tables, those that donated prizes, washers of dishes, buyers of raffle tickets and all of the happy faces we encountered on the night. The night was made more enjoyable by the very talented Lakshmi who entertained us with music and dancing- thank you! We were thrilled with the display dance performed by our beautiful young Josna. Talent, grace and beauty suit her very well and we forgot our shivering - thank you!

We managed to raise just over £700 in total and although we will have to spend about £1500 on a new boiler for the church, these fundraisers prove that we can raise the money we need to support our church. The new boiler should be installed in the new week and this will allow us to continue to keep our hall tenants. Their continuous income is also important to the church and we will all appreciate the warmth. We look forward to telling you about our future fundraising events to mark in your calendar.


Jacobs Join- Meat fare Sunday

We will be having a Jacobs join on the 11th February after the Liturgy in preparation for the Lenten fast. Please bring some food with you to share and enjoy with everyone.


Sunday School

Sunday School will take place on the 25th February. There will be no Sunday school on the 11th due to the Jacobs join.


Booklets on Holy Week, a liturgical explanation and daily and special occasion prayers are on sale for £3 on the bookstall.

Food Bank 

There is now a collection box for the foodbank in the narthex as well as the church hall. Please add extra items that you may not have thought about donating are boxes of carton milk, tinned meat, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc.

Roof Fund Appeal

We need to raise about £4000 for repairs and re-roofing to the flat roofs around the church hall and other general repairs to the outside walls as a matter of urgency. Please give to this appeal if you are able, letting Gregory know it is for that purpose.  Cheques should be made out to “Holy Apostles Orthodox Trust” and sent to 58 Kingswood Rd, Leyland, PR25 2UN. You may donate via Bacs: Lloyds TSB Sort Code: 30-96-85, Account 03316001, Ref: Your Surname, Roof fund. If you are a UK tax payer, please maximise your giving by completing the Gift Aid declaration.

 Thank you Fr Dionysios

Xpovia polla and happy name day to those celebrating their saint’s day in February.  Anyone who has not given Pres Rebecca their name day details please do so.

12 February

St Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow

Allan Burke

New details?

Please let me know if you have moved house, have a new telephone number or changed email address. Many thanks. 07890 208539

Members of the community who are unwell

If you or anyone you know from church is unwell please do let me know so that we can help in whatever way we can. Thank you.  



Church Hall

We are happy to let you know that our church hall is being utilised on a regular basis, but if you know of anyone who is looking for hall space then please speak to a member of the committee. It has also been decided to make the hall available for children’s birthday parties, so please spread the word! There will be a leaflet printed shortly which may be used to advertise the hall for the parties. If you would like some then please speak to a member of the committee.


Newsletter inclusions

The deadline for any announcements, news, Christian book reviews or articles is the 26th of each month for inclusion in the following month’s newsletter. If you wish for it to be included for more than one month, then please specify the length of time. All items may be emailed to Nicky at       


Services and Events for February 2018




4 February


Holy Liturgy

Sunday of the Prodigal son

7 February



11 February


Holy Liturgy Sunday of Meatfare

Jacobs join

14 February



18 February


Holy Liturgy Forgiveness Sunday

19 February


Canon of St Andrew of Crete

20 February


Canon of St Andrew of Crete


21 February


The Akathist Hymn

25 February


Holy Liturgy Sunday of Orthodoxy

Sunday school

28 February


Pre-Sanctified Liturgy